About MonitorChain

MonitorChain is a cryptocurrency security and compliance service that aims to protect exchanges, ICOs and traders by reducing the impact of catastrophic incidents on the blockchain. After a series of high profile token thefts and hacks on Ethereum tokens, most notably the batchoverflow exploit that results in millions of dollars worth of counterfeit tokens being sold on cryptocurrency exchanges, MonitorChain was initially created as an internal tool to protect the decentralized applications of Zenchain Inc. from being the dumping ground for laundered, fake, and stolen tokens.

MonitorChain is built specifically with decentralized applications and smart contracts in mind. From a technical perspective, MonitorChain is an Ethereum based smart contract alert feed tied to an artificial intelligence and security/compliance criteria database node. This makes it perfect for use as a smart contract oracle for triggering protective functions including token contact freezes and exchange trading halts.

Built by Zenchain Inc. based in Victoria BC, Canada, the MonitorChain team possesses a vast experience in security and compliance. The team has previously created several PC security utilities, and have senior executives on the board of major compliance organizations. The team’s full profiles and credentials are viewable on the Zenchain about page.

Our mission for MonitorChain is simple, to bring a stop to the endless losses suffered by cryptocurrency investors due to bad actors, bad code and negligent security practices. By helping make trading tokens safer for everyone, we hope to grow cryptocurrencies as a whole by stemming the nonstop flood of bad news and allowing everyone to invest and trade with confidence.

We are constantly adding new features to improve MonitorChain, and welcome engagement and involvement from the community. Please follow us on social media or contact us directly with questions or feedback.