MonitorChain records and analyzes the Ethereum blockchain activity for the following criteria to instantly detect signs of potential hacks and theft:

Total Supply Changes and Minting Rules

All Ethereum tokens are monitored with regards to their total supply and any contact defined minting rules, with alerts sent to subscribers for any violation of these rules or in cases of suspiciously large token creation events.

Excessively Large Transfers

Alerts if a significant portion of the circulating supply of a token is transferred within a single block or short period of time, with varied severity depending on the amount and nature of the transfers.

Smart Contract Rule Violations

We monitor key smart contracts and large holding addresses, evaluate their associated rules, and send alerts when an event violates these encoded criteria. As an example, this rule triggers if a time locked vesting account for a team token reserve suddenly sends large amounts of tokens to an address not defined in the contract.

Custom Alert Conditions

Set your own alert conditions. We work with you to set specific monitoring rules and alert thresholds based on your business needs. This allows complete customization as defined by you. *For Enterprise subscribers only

Sender Authorization

Token creators who pass our validation procedures are granted Sender Authorization, which allows them to send additional alerts in cases where they believe there is an issue requiring action beyond the typically notifications sent by MonitorChain. *For Enterprise Token Creator subscribers only.

Offchain Triggers (Coming Soon)

Beyond code compliance, our analysts look beyond the smart contracts to enforce alerts on rules defined in whitepapers and business filings. Take trust out of the equation and ensure terms not secured by smart contracts are adhered to.

Notification and Integration

Built with Exchanges and ICOs in mind, MonitorChain provides a number of flexible options for receiving security alerts and integrating MonitorChain into your existing management systems and smart contracts:

Oracle-Ready Ethereum Feed

Alerts are sent over an Ethereum feed designed for integration with other smart contracts as an Oracle, to allow subscribers to automatically perform actions such as token contract freezes and exchange trading suspension.

Custom Integration

For Enterprise clients, our dev team will work hands on to assist in full integration with your existing management systems and smart contracts, including the creation of new smart contracts to interact with your own and API customization. For all subscribers, we include a library of integration code samples to make using MonitorChain quick and easy.

Custom Notifications

Want alerts on your phone or by email? We can do that for you. Need an API to display in your own management interface? We can do that too. *This feature is currently only available for Enterprise subscribers and is coming soon to other plans.

Subscriber Benefits

The benefits of MonitorChain do not stop with detection and notification. We have added a number of features to reward and provide value for our subscribers:

Pay in Ethereum

As members of the crypto community, we are pleased to not only accept Ethereum as the primary means of payment, but also price subscriptions in Ethereum rather than in US Dollars. This means you get cost certainty in terms of your ETH and we bear the risk should market prices fall.

Press Release and Website Listing

Gain positive exposure for your brand and demonstrate your commitment to security and compliance with a co-branded press release and listing on the customer’s page on MonitorChain.com. This is included with all Enterprise level subscriptions can be purchased as an addon for other subscribers.

Dedicated Support

At MonitorChain we are here to help. All subscriptions come with full email support. For Enterprise subscribers, a dedicated account manager will tend to all your needs at prompt SLA standards.

Trust Badge (Coming Soon)

Give traders and investors trust in your exchange or token by displaying the MonitorChain Trust Badge on your website. This icon verifies your subscription and demonstrates to your site visitors that they can invest and trade with confidence knowing that you use MonitorChain to protect them from catastrophic security incidents.