Your smart contract or multisig cold storage wallet has just been hacked. The entire fate of your token depends on how fast you react… Do you have a plan?

By the time your stolen or hacked tokens reach an exchange, it’s already too late!

When hackers steal or counterfeit tokens, the first thing they do is send them to exchanges and dump them to launder their heist. Stolen assets are moved, laundered and lost in seconds – not minutes or hours. MonitorChain is the first ever on-chain Ethereum based alert protocol for use as an Oracle in Smart Contracts specifically designed for securing exchanges. Read on to learn more, or…

Security and Peace of Mind for Your Users & Investors

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Instant security alerts to provide automated protection in crisis situations

Instant security alerts to provide automated protection in crisis situations

MonitorChain provides instant alerts the second fraud occurs, protecting your tokens from being dumped on exchange if they are ever stolen or hacked. Combining expert defined alert conditions with heuristic triggers, the moment a potential hack or theft occurs, MonitorChain sends an on-chain notification to subscribers over the Ethereum network. These alerts can be directly integrated with your smart contracts or exchange management platforms to take protective action such as invoking freeze/destruction functions, notifying exchanges to halt trading, and informing key personnel for timely PR responses. Easy to use and integrate, MonitorChain is an essential security component for any ICO or other managed Ethereum token.

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Protect Your Token

Receive instant, actionable alerts the next time a major hack occurs, allowing you to take automated protective steps before it’s too late.

Robust Monitoring and Alert Features

Features below included in all plans*

*more coming soon!

• Supply Change and Minting Rules

Alerts when a token supply increases in violation of defined minting limitations

• Oracle-Ready Ethereum Feed

Alerts sent over Ethereum for easy smart contract integration as an Oracle

• Large Transfer Alerts

Alerts if a significant portion of a token’s supply is transferred within a short period of time

• Transaction Tracer

Tracks and flags addresses as hacked/stolen funds moved for accurate isolation and blocking

• Smart Contract Rule Violations

Transfers from high value and key smart contracts in violation of their encoded terms

• Pay in Ethereum

Supporting crypto adoption. MonitorChain plans are both priced and paid for in Ethereum.

Hacks and Theft have Destroyed Many Promising Tokens. Don’t Let Yours Be Next!

With MonitorChain Your Tokens Will be Protected From…

Token Smart Contract Exploits

Smart contract auditing isn’t enough to protect your token contract from being exploited. Crypto has brought out the best and brightest hackers across the globe. Security is an ever-evolving cat and mouse game where hackers have a major advantage – they only need to win once. This problem is amplified further by the immutable nature of the blockchain and the permanent uneditable nature of smart contracts. By detecting the signs of hacks and theft rather than just trying to prevent it, MonitorChain provides an essential last line of defense that no token creator should be without.

Key Accounts and Team Fund Hacks

Security extends beyond your primary token contract. Within any token ecosystem there are numerous key accounts: the founder/team reserve funds, early investor time-released vested accounts, exchange cold storage wallets, contract addresses of major DApps using the token – just to name a few examples. A theft or hack from any of these can cause insurmountable harm to the long-term future of your token if not properly monitored. With MonitorChain, we provide customized monitoring conditions for these key accounts to fully protect your token.

Insider Fraud

Cryptocurrencies are about creating a trustless environment, yet within any token team numerous individuals need to be trusted with critical access and information, that, if abused, can result in devastating impact for a token in both the financial and legal sense. Vetting and trust only go so far, MonitorChain adds an extra layer of protection with its instant notifications of suspicious transactions – especially those with violate the terms of a smart contract codified agreement. With MonitorChain you can rest easy and trust the core members of your team, while still having safeguards in place – just in case.

Mainnet Token Swap Incidents

MonitorChain can provide you significant value even if you aren’t planning on sticking with the Ethereum blockchain for long. Mainnet swaps are notoriously difficult. Beyond the general confusion of holders, many exchanges will refuse to support your swap. This leads to nasty situations where your mainnet snapshot has been taken but your ERC token continues to be traded as a worthless asset to naïve traders – who will incorrectly place all the blame on you. MonitorChain helps you avoid this PR nightmare and potential legal liability via Sender Authorization, which lets you directly harness the power of MonitorChain to automatically suspend trading at will on supported exchanges.

And Much More!

At MonitorChain, we will work directly with your team to provide the custom alerts and integrations that will provide safety and protections without compromising the decentralized nature of the blockchain. We help you demonstrate value to your users with the MonitorChain Trust Badge, included with all Token Creator subscription plans, that will let current and potential investors know that your token is one that takes security seriously, inspiring confidence and conveying trust.

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24/7 Protection and Security for Your Token and Users.

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